An app you can use for kanji writing practice!

漢字(Kanji) Recognizer

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Level: Beginner Intermediate Advanced

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What can you do?

How to...

You can hand-write kanji on the screen and look them up.
Be careful with the stroke order and direction!

As you write the kanji character, possible choices appear at the top of the screen.
Let's take a look at the detailed screen for the kanji.
The 'on' reading is shown in katakana and the 'kun' reading is written in hiragana.
Check the correct way to write the kanji by watching the stroke-order animation.

You can do kanji writing practice, so after plenty of practice, why not try a writing quiz?
This is the quiz screen. Let's try writing a kanji.

After finishing the whole quiz, you can view the answers.
Tap on the kanji to see detailed information about the character, and to check the stroke order.

You can set such things as the quiz level, number of questions, handwriting precision/accuracy and so on in advance.

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漢字(Kanji) Recognizer
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漢字(Kanji) Recognizer


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