Let’s try a service to add furigana!

There’s probably a lot of people out there who want to view Japanese sites, but because there’s so much kanji, it’s a bother!

By using AddRuby (Introduction article), you can add furigana.

1. Enter the URL of the Japanese site that you want to add furigana to.

2. For those who only want to add furigana to kanji, choose “漢字のみ(Kanji only)”.

3. For those who want to add romaji furigana, choose “ローマ字(読み)(Romaji-reading)”

4.  Click “ルビ(ふりがな)を振る(add furigana)”.

5. By doing that, red furigana will be added.

For those who find it difficult because the right side of the page gets covered, we introduce a method to fix that in our Special AddRuby Version .

There are other sites for adding furigana as well, like Hiragana Megane (Introduction article) and YOMOYOMO (Introduction article) .

This is a very useful service, but there are some websites that are not compatible, or unfortunately do not operate well, break the layout, or do not display properly.

Last update 2014.06.20

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