Let's try a service to add furigana! -Special AddRuby Version-

Are there people out there using the "AddRuby" (Introduction article), service to add furigana to Japanese text?

It's a very useful site, but there must be some people who find that the right half of websites being covered up makes it difficult to read..
We'll introduce how to fix it!

The right half of a page being covered

To solve this problem of a narrow display, one possible method would be to set up your own "custom style sheet" (or "user style sheet"). A custom style sheet is a file specially written to allow you to change the look of a website to suit your own preferences. A certain amount of technical know-how is needed in order to create this file, so we have specifically designed one to "Change width of AddRuby display window to 1000px".


Please click on the icon above to download the ZIP file, then decompress it and save the resulting addRubyCustom.css file to a suitable place.

Now, let's look at how to use it. The instructions below are for Internet Explorer.

  1. From the 'Tools' menu, select 'Internet Options'.
  2. Choose the 'General' tab and click on 'Accessibility' at the bottom right.
  3. Under the User Style Sheet column, click the check box for "Format documents using my style sheet".
  4. Select the file you downloaded just before.

Now your settings are complete. Close your browser, re-open it, then try using AddRuby. Was NIHONGO eな displayed correctly, all the way across the width of the screen?

After applying the custom style sheet

If you use this method you might find rare cases where the displays of websites other than AddRuby become a little strange. If that happens, please delete the custom style sheet file you saved.

Last update 2014.06.26

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