Kamus Pemakaian Bahasa Jepang Dasar (Basic Japanese Dictionary -Indonesian version-)


This is an online dictionary where you can search from Japanese to Indonesian. You can look up the meaning of words and how to use them, plus examples of their use.

  • You use either 'Search via romaji' or 'Search via hiragana/katakana'. Here, you click on a letter of the alphabet or hiragana character, then look for vocabulary from a list given.
  • There are lots of example sentences.
  • There are symbols for accents.
  • You cannot search from Indonesian to Japanese

How to...

You can look up derivatives or look up words using a roman alphabet/hiragana table.
Quasi-synonyms (words with similar meanings) and antonymns (words with the opposite meaning) are shown in blue, and you can read explanations too.

As an example, let's take a look at the word 'うれしい'.
Click on 'ローマ字で探す' (Search via romaji).

The next screen displays an alphabet list.
We want to look up "ureshii", so we'll click on 'U'.

Lots of words beginning with "U" are shown, displayed in roman alphabetical order.
From these, look for "URESHII", then click on it.

An explanation of the word "URESHII" (うれしい) is shown.
You'll also find buttons at the top marked 'KATA JADIAN' (Derivatives) and 'PEMAKAIAN' (How to use).
At the bottom, antonymns such as '悲しい' (kanashii, 'sad') and quasi-synonymns such as '楽しい' (tanoshii, 'fun') are highlighted in blue.

Click on these and you can read explanations of each.



These contents are part of the 'Japanese Language Education Network (日本語教育ネット ワーク)' managed by the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (国立国語研究所).

Last update 2011.01.21