Old Stories of Japan


Lots of Japanese folklore tales are introduced on this website. All the stories have an English version accompanying the Japanese.

  • You can read some Japanese folk tales in Japanese and English.

How to...

There are lots of stories.

This is the menu for part 1.
The menu is written in English, which is great for people who wouldn't be able to understand titles written in Japanese.

We tried clicking on the story, 'Red Ogre and Blue Ogre' ("Naita Aka-Oni").

The screen you are taken to is nice to look at, with plenty of images.
Click on 'Japanese' and the same story is shown in Japanese.

You can display ruby furigana for the kanji, to help you read the Japanese.
Here, we tried using Hiragana Megane (Introduction article).

If you want to know the meanings of words in the text, you can use Rikai.com (Introduction article) to look them up easily.

You can also look up meanings for words in any text you want to read by copying and pasting it into POPjisyo (Introduction article).
Paste a particular passage of text into the box marked 'または翻訳したい文書を入力' ('OR enter a block of text to add hints to...' in the English version), then choose the words you wish to translate.
(Please see our introduction article about POPjisyo for more details on how to use it.)

Since these are folk tales, the stories develop relatively simply.
They might make good reading practice materials for intermediate and advanced learners.
Even if you don't know the readings and meanings of certain words, you can use a combination of various convenient tools to aid your understanding.

This site was recommended to us via the eな Information station.

Last update 2011.05.30