The Reading Tutor Web Dictionary

This is a multilingual online Japanese dictionary. Input some text and you can look up the words used within it. This is a sister website of Reading Tutor (Introduction article), a reading support system for learners of Japanese.

  • Words from the text you enter are automatically linked to a dictionary.
  • For Indonesian, Tagalog, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, Korean, Romanian and Spanish, you can use the site as a mini dictionary.

How to...

Enter the text you wish to read,
then choose the word you want to look up in the dictionary.
As an example, we'll try choosing Japanese, English and Vietnamese.

Select 'Furigana' from the Options
and furigana will be added to the kanji in your inputted text.

Click on words from the text and the meaning
and example sentences will be displayed on the right.

Last update 2011.05.23