These are Japanese dictation quizzes that use Java applets. You can test your own listening ability in sentences, words, syllables, the use of special morae and accents in spoken Japanese.

  • You can choose the contents and difficulty level of the quiz you want to try.
  • There are various levels you can choose, from questions for beginners to problems that pose difficulties even for native speakers of Japanese.
  • In addition to Japanese, the dictation quiz screen can be displayed in English, Korean, Chinese or Malaysian.

How to...

First, choose your desired contents and difficulty level for the quiz.
By way of example, let's try choosing "WORDS" and "LEVEL 1".

Now, let's start the quiz.

Click on the 'Start Button' and you'll be taken to the quiz screen, where you will hear the audio.
Enter the word that you hear in the box marked 'Input'.

After entering the word, click on 'Confirm' and any corrections will be displayed.

If you don't know the answer, click on the 'Hint' button and you'll be given a clue in the form of a picture, like the example below.

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These contents are part of the SP Home Page of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University.

Last update 2010.04.01