Listen Together : The Song of Japan

This is a website where you can search and listen to Japanese songs according to your preferences and level of Japanese.
There are a total of 69 songs, including 47 children's and sing-along songs and 22 indie songs.

  • Search and listen to Japanese songs from different aspects - genre, theme, level of Japanese language difficulty, title, or ranking.
  • On the playback page, you can choose from hiragana, katakana, and romaji for the lyric subtitles.

How to...

From the top page, choose the song you want to hear from either "Children's Songs/Traditional Songs" or "Indie Music".
You can also view the ranking of the most played songs.

Select "Children's Songs/Traditional Songs".

Search By Theme...You can choose songs from 10 themes.
Search By Japanese Language Difficulty Level...You can search by level of Japanese language difficulty.
Search By Japanese Alphabets... You can search by Japanese alphabet.
Search By Romaji Title...You can search by Romaji title.
Search By English Title...You can search by English title.

Next select a song from "Search by Japanese Language Difficulty Level".
Here you can choose from five levels of Japanese language difficulty.

The screen when "Easy" is selected.

When you click the level you have selected, the titles of songs for that level will be shown in alphabetical order.
Click the red box at the right and scroll to see the titles by level.
You can change the genre by clicking the blue box at the top.

Select "Rainfall".

Select "Kana" or "Romaji" to show the lyrics below. Unclick to hide.
Click the video screen to start the song.
Pause or start again by clicking the screen to listen to it over and over again.

You can download and print the lyrics from the PDF Download button.This is very convenient if you want to memorize the song or hand out copies of the lyrics for a sing-along.

Isn't it great that you can access the website from your computer, tablet, or smartphone to play the music video and listen to Japanese songs whenever you like, wherever you are? From beginners to advanced learners of Japanese, this site is for anyone interested in Japanese songs to listen to, view, sing, and enjoy!

Last update 2016.06.30