This is a Japanese/English online dictionary for learners of the Japanese language.
You can look up kanji and vocabulary.

  • You can look up kanji and definitions of Japanese vocabulary using hiragana, kanji, romaji, and English.
  • You can see the kanji stroke order by clicking on the kanji used in a vocabulary word.

How to...

It's very simple to use.
Enter the word you want to search on the top page.

Enter "ことば"(kotoba) in hiragana.

Vocabulary words related to "ことば"(kotoba) will be displayed in hiragana, kanji, and romaji, along with the English translation.

Search results for "ことば"(kotoba)

Place your cursor over a kanji in a vocabulary word to show the stroke order, onyomi (Chinese reading), kunyomi (Japanese reading), and English translation.

Now enter "hanasu" in romaji.

Search results for "hanasu"

Vocabulary words related to "hanasu" will be displayed.

You can also look up words using kanji and English.
Because several words are displayed when you search for one word, the more you use this, the more it is bound to expand your use of Japanese.
You can view this site on your smartphone, too.
There is also an app (for Android) that you can use.

Last update 2016.12.28