A Door to the World of Kanji: Welcome to Japan, a country of Kanji


Here you can study some signs and displays that you come across often in daily life in Japan.

  • You can study the meaning and use of kanji used on the button displays of various electrical appliances.
  • You can learn about ticket machine displays and how to read various traffic signs.

How to...

Click on the picture of the remote control (or rice cooker etc.) buttons.
As an example, let's try clicking on the '煮込み' button on an oven range.

The reading and meaning of the word 煮込み is displayed.

As well as this, if you click on the kanji '煮', you'll be shown the meaning of that character and an example sentence.

There are also lists of vocabulary used on ticket machines and traffic signs.

Last update 2010.03.31