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Japanese JLPT N5 (Vocabulary & Kanji Flashcards)

Category: Kana-Kanji Vocabulary

Level: Beginner

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This is the vocabulary list at a glance. If you tap on ‘Flip’ at the top of the screen you can check using the flip-style reference chart shown in the image below.
Tap the file icon at the upper left-hand corner to switch between vocabulary and kanji.

Tap on the ‘勉強’ (study) icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap on the '開始'(start) icon at the top right and the vocabulary flashcards will appear. You can sort these into those that you know already and those that you think you should study again.
You can also tap the singular kanji on the vocabulary card to see kanji information.
Check vocabulary and meanings, plus what each individual kanji means, and if you feel you know that kanji, tap on the check mark.

Vocabulary card screen

Kanji card screen

The number at the bottom of the screen shows you how many cards you have studied from the whole set.
What you're beginning to learn and what you've already mastered are all color coded from red to green so you can easily see the number of things you need to study.
When you want to study by color group, tap "settings" on the list screen.

You can also use the "settings" icon at the bottom right-hand corner to set "pass = -1" or to turn auto random display on or off.

You can see straight away how your studies are progressing, so it’s pretty convenient!

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Japanese JLPT N5 (Vocabulary & Kanji Flashcards)
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Japanese JLPT N5 (Vocabulary & Kanji Flashcards)


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