A fun way to practice reading Hiragana, with cute cat illustrations and games!

Hiragana Game - Learn and Practice Japanese

Category: Kana Kanji

Level: Beginner


How to...

Start the game by tapping "Click here to start" at the top (or set position) of the screen.
There is no need to make specific settings like game speed or certain hiragana lines.
The romaji reading will appear at the upper part of the screen.
Move the cats with balloons attached to them with the left or right arrows and adjust them to meet the hiragana balloons that come up from below.
The object is to climb the Tokyo Sky Tree.

If you don't choose the correct hiragana or you touch the wrong hiragana balloon by accident, too bad, it's end of game.

The correct answer will be displayed on the screen after you get the answer wrong.

Also, if you can't choose the correct hiragana balloon by the third time it passes by, the game is over.
The second time you miss it, the clouds become dark and it starts to rain.

A list of missed hiragana characters is displayed.

The higher you go, the faster the balloons come up and the number increases too, making it a bit more challenging.
You've finished the game when you've reached the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree.

After that, a rocket is launched, taking you to katakana.
(There is a fee for the katakana app.)

The game is simple and the illustrations are cute. The backdrop changes too, so you can stay interested and have fun checking your hiragana reading.

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Hiragana Game - Learn and Practice Japanese
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Hiragana Game - Learn and Practice Japanese


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