Help with writing emails (2)

JGram (Introduction article), a site with plenty of grammar explanations and example sentences, also has a section that includes a collection of useful expressions for use in business emails and letters.

You can look for example sentences from 28 categories.
There are various categories, including purposes such as apologies or requests,
settings such as a meeting or an exhibition,
and more general themes like times, results and so on.
Some categories have lots of example sentences, some have relatively few.

Let's look at some example sentences for 'meetings'.
There are a list of examples of the kind of correspondence used when proposing or checking an agenda and so on.

Since there so many examples, even if you can't the given phrases as they are, you can probably switch a few words here and there to make the sentences you need.

For those of you who want to practise emailing in Japanese, why not drop us a line here at the "NIHONGO eな" website? We'd be very pleased to hear from you!

Well, at times like this, we can use a phrase like the following from the 結語 (closings) example sentences:

We have another article on this subject, called Help with writing emails (1).

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