漢字練習 Kanji Practice


This is a website where you can do reading and writing practice for 450 beginner-level kanji. There are example sentences with audio, and stroke-order information. There is support for learners using Japanese language textbooks such as "Yookoso!" and "Genki".

  • You can practise a total of 450 characters, including the 400 kanji learned in the Japanese class at Dartmouth University, plus 50 kanji taken from two other reading materials, "Momotaro" (a Japanese folk-tale) and "Nihongo no Aimaisa" (The Ambiguity of Japanese).
  • For each kanji you study, you can find on and kun readings, example sentences including that kanji and a video clip showing the correct stroke order.
  • There are kanji lists for each lesson in the beginner-level textbooks "Genki", "Yookoso!" and "Japanese: The Written Language".
  • Example sentences have accompanying audio, so you can listen and check the pronunciation.

How to...

On the top page there are contents categorised by textbook, or by Dartmouth University's own syllabus. From there, choose the contents list you want to try.

Next, choose the individual kanji you want to practise from the list of contents.

You can check the reading(s) and writing order for, and look up the meaning of, your chosen kanji. You can also read, and listen to, example sentences that include that kanji.

The stroke order presentation features a recording of some actual handwritten penmanship, which lends it a real presence.

The meaning of the kanji is kept hidden by default, so if you want to know it, click on 'Reveal English Translation' and the meaning will be displayed in English.

These contents belong to Dartmouth University.

To get here from the Dartmouth University homepage, enter "Kanji Practice" to search.

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