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On this site there are lots of learning materials for beginners, intermediate and intermediate-to-advanced learners. You can study all aspects of Japanese with materials for practical-use vocabulary and expressions, conversation, hiragana and katakana, complete with audio.

This is the 'Free materials and Latest contents' page.
As you can see, it looks at all kinds of general Japanese study, i.e. the Japanese notation system, reading, conversation and grammar.

Let's take a look at each of the contents.

This is the 'Conversation' section. Here's one part of the conversation lessons for beginners.
Scripts of the Japanese conversations are written in romaji, kana and kanji here.

Changing from kana notation to romaji and kanji, the text looks like this:

As well as the conversation script, there are vocabulary, explanations of the grammar 'Notes' and Audio Practices. As there is audio for the conversation and the vocabulary, you can listen to the correct pronunciation. You can practise transcribing the Japanese to help your listening comprehension

These are the kana study contents. You can download PDF versions to print out and use for writing practice.

This is the intermediate reading comprehension section.

There are quizzes too, to check your understanding of the reading.

This is the 'Data on Japan' section. There are various interesting topics here, so if you think of something about Japan you don't know, why not take a peek here on a break from your studies. Make some new discoveries and you might even progress a little more in your studies, you never know! 

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