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This is a version of the Sanseido dictionary you can use online. Aside from the dictionary function, there are other sections such as '今日のことば' (Phrase of the day), 'ことばパティオ' (ことば百科 - Language encyclopedia).

  • You can use the Japanese language dictionary, plus the English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries without having to register.
  • If you register as a paid member (individual/corporation), you can use other dictionary content, including idiomatic dictionaries.
  • The '今日のことば' (Phrase of the day) section introduces two new idiomatic expressions every day, accompanied by explanations of their meaning.
  • In the 'ことばパティオ' (Language patio) section you can find the 'ことば百科' (Language encyclopedia), which has explanations of honorific expressions, counter suffixes, kanji compounds and so on (Related article "I want to rephrase this native Japanese word using a kanji compound!").

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In the 'ことばパティオ' (Language patio) you can read columns by leading writers.

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