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This is a Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary where you can look up phrases, kanji, example sentences and so on. You can search for kanji from the shape of their components.

  • You can input searches using Japanese or English, and choose the content you want to look up, i.e. General, Examples , Kanji etc.
  • In the case of kanji for which you don't know the reading, you can search via the shape of its components. You can also search through words and phrases that contain that kanji.
  • When you look up words using the Multi-Radical Search, you can set the search parameters to display only words that have a certain number of kanji characters.
  • If you register on the site, you can create your own vocabulary list. When you register, the information you need to provide is email address and username.
  • There are many search examples and tips to show how to use the site.




How to...

Here's how to look up kanji via the shape of their components (elements) .
For example, do you know the reading and meaning of the kanji "獅"?
Even if there's a part you're slightly familiar with, you can look it up.
Click on 'Multi-Radical Search'.

We want to look up a Chinese character, so we'll select 'Kanji'.

We'll look for a part of the "獅" character that we recognise.
For example, we found "口".
Click on "口".

You are shown a list at the bottom of the screen.

Now, we can also see the component "巾", so let's click on it.

The number of kanji shown on the list at the bottom of the screen has decreased.
From there, search for "獅" and click on it.

The reading is "SHI" and the meaning is "lion".

Last update 2010.04.01