げんきこくご! たのしいひらがな練習とカタカナ練習


You can study kana in a fun way using cute pictures, games and worksheets.

  • You can have fun memorising the kana with a hiragana chart including pictures and sound.
  • You can print out illustrated worksheets to practise writing hiragana.
  • You can print out a hiragana poster which you can stick in a prominent place in the house for your reference.
  • You can enjoy practising what you've learned with hiragana and katakana games.

How to...

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To get here from "Genki English", please follow these instructions.

On the "Genki English" parent site, choose Japanese for the display mode.

The screen will be displayed in Japanese.
Scroll to the bottom of that screen.

Right at the bottom of that page, you'll see「ひらがな練習」 (Hiragana Practice).

Click on that and you will be taken to the 「げんきこくご」 top page.

Here you'll find various hiragana and katakana games.
ひらがな・げーむ(Hiragana game)(Introduction article
カタカナ・ゲーム(Katakana game)(Introduction article

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