This is a site where you can make your own word flashcards online to use on your mobile phone or PC. Input your study content (question and answer) using a text editor or similar program and you can upload it easily to add to your online word card deck.

  • You can make your own cards, then easily browse through them and practice on your computer.
  • You can use cards made by other people.
  • You can shuffle the cards, so you can practice as many times as you like.
  • You can use the cards on your mobile phone, so you can study or practice on the move.
  • You can add or delete study content any time you like.

How to...

How to make your own word cards

 (For more details, please check out "e! Kore" article calledReading Tutor meets 単語カード (Word Cards): A great way to learn words from your reading!

Click on '単語カードを作成する' (Make word cards)

From the window marked '単語カードを新規作成します' (Make a new card),
choose the category of the word you want to add,
then click on the button marked '次へ' (Next).

Here we chose '日本語教育' (Japanese Education).

Next, choose a sub-category in the same way, then click '次へ'.

If you want to make a new category or sub-category that isn’t currently available, you can have one added if you contact the site manager.

Now you register the basic settings for your cards in the section entitled '単語カードの基本設定を登録します'.
You should add information such as a name for your deck of cards (単語カードの名前),
an explanation of the contents (説明文), a password (パスワード) and your email address (メールアドレス).
You can also choose whether to make your cards public (公開) or private (非公開).

After that, you can proceed to input your study content.
When you finish, press '単語カードに戻る' (Return to word cards).

That’s it.
In the display options (表示オプション) you can change the order in which questions are presented and you can choose whether or not to switch between the order of question to answer/answer to question (問題と答えを入れ替える・入れ替えない).

This site is also introduced in an "e! Kore" article called For those who just can't seem to remember...
If you're interested, please take a look!

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