漢字王の王国 (Kingdom of the Kanji King)


A battle-style kanji study game designed for Japanese elementary school kids. Free to use.

  • Using a one-on-one battle game you can learn the on and kun readings of 1006 kanji characters taught at elementary schools in Japan.
  • To play the game in earnest you have to register. For the registration method, please read the “How to...” section below.

How to...

How to play the game

Register your ID and you can have your state of progress recorded on the server. If you want to try out the game before registering your ID, please log in using this name and password:「ID:guest, PASS:1234」.

Registration is found here.

Okay, now let’s register. The information required on the registration screen is as follows:「第1希望ID」 (1st choice ID), 「第2希望ID」 (2nd choice ID), 「第3希望ID」 (3rd choice ID)(Note: Your chosen ID must be 5– 8 romaji characters and/or numbers), 「パスワード」 (password), 「ゲームの主人公の名前」 (main character’s name in the game), 「このゲームを紹介してくれた友だちのID(紹介してくれた友だちがいない場合は入力しなくてもよい。)」 (The ID of the person who invited you to the game – you needn’t enter this if you weren’t invited by a friend), 「生年月日」 (your date of birth), 「住んでいる場所(一番最後に「海外」があります)」 (the place where you live – you can find the kanji for “overseas” right at the end of the list) and 「メールアドレス」 (your email address).

When you’ve finished registering your ID, please return to the top screen and enter the ID and password you registered.

Next, please choose your level. 「1年生」(1st year student) is the easiest, 「6年生」 (6th year student) is the most difficult.

Having chosen your level you then select your opponent in the battle game. Right at the beginning they are decided for you, but, as the game progresses, you can choose other opponents.

Finally, select the「モード」 (mode). You can choose between 3 different modes:「対戦モード」 (Battle Mode)、「道場モード」 (Dojo Mode) and 「全問チャレンジ」 (All Question Challenge). Each mode is explained below.

  • Battle Mode…Answer correctly and you can strike at your opponent. When you answer incorrectly, either your opponent strikes back at you or recovers from some of the damage you inflicted. Make too many mistakes or take too much time over your answer and it’ll be Game Over.
  • Dojo Mode…The Dojo Mode is a practice mode where you can take your time and study with no victory or defeat involved. No matter how many mistakes you make, you won’t be punished in any way. Questions you answer correctly will no longer be posed, whereas those you answered incorrectly will be repeated.
  • All Question Challenge…Not so different from the Battle Mode in presentation, but much harder, as in order to clear the challenge you have to get all the questions right with no mistakes.

Having chosen your preferred mode, click on the screen and begin your game!

You can’t enter your answers using the keyboard. Instead, please click on the hiragana displayed on the screen. Also, you can’t enter okurigana.

Once you’ve entered the kanji reading, click on 「けってい」 (decided).

If the voiced syllables are not displayed properly, please click here.

Please see 遊び方 (How to play) for an even more detailed explanation of how to play.

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