You can use multiple dictionary sites to study the readings and meanings of kanji, or use quizzes to learn kanji, hiragana, and katanaka.

  • Look up the readings and meanings of hand-written kanji.
  • Use simple quizzes to make sure you have learned the kanji and kana.

How to...

Use your mouse to enter kanji by hand from "Dictionary" on the top page and search the dictionary of your choice.

As you write the kanji, on the right-hand side you'll see a list of potential kanji to choose from.

Click on the one you wish to look up.
The kanji goes into the search box so you can use any dictionary you like.

Try out kanji and kana quizzes by going to "Kanji" or "Kana" from the top page and selecting Quizzes button.

There you can also find
United Links for Japanese Learning Web Resources (Introduction article) for links, and
Associative Kanji Learning (Introduction article) for learning kanji.

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