Kids Web Japan -Japanese Language-


You can study Japanese in a fun way using audio and illustrations. It's intended for children, but beginner-level students of Japanese can enjoy learning using this site regardless of their age.

  • You can learn basic Japanese easily and while enjoying yourself, using animation and illustrations
  • There are a total of 8 lessons, in which you can study conversation, basic expressions, greetings and grammar.
  • You can find out some interesting things about kanji in an animation that shows how they came about.

How to...

Take a look at Lesson 1.
The contents are organised like this:

Have a look at part of the kanji animation.
It's fun and easy to understand, don't you think?

For kanji that seem particularly difficult at first glance, the site introduces how they came about in an enjoyable way using animation. For more details, please see the "e! Kore" article Study the origins of kanji with animation and illustrations!. There is some info there about the 'Quick Kanji' part of this site.

This site is part of Web Japan (Introduction Article).

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