怪盗ねこぴーいろいろクイズ (Nekopy the Master Thief - Various Quizzes)


These contents are part of the 怪盗ねこぴー (Kaitou Nekopy - Nekopy the Master Thief) website for kids. Since the website is made for Japanese elementary schoolers the display language is all Japanese, but the Japanese used is simple and there are ruby furigana over the kanji. You can learn about Japan and the world in Japanese and in a way that's easy to understand, through quiz and game formats.

  • You can find out about world flags, capital cities, foods, currencies and religions.
  • You can find out about Japan's geography, important people, history and difficult kanji.
  • There are 2 styles of quiz - a game style (play on your own or as a competition) and a test style.
  • It is a useful source of information if you ever need to explain about your own country in Japanese.
  • The site is quite endearing, with its own particular world-view and cute illustrations (characters).
  • Although the site is all in Japanese, it is easy to use.

How to...

There are 3 kinds of quiz.
Choose the one you want to try.

These are all the quizzes available. We'll explain a little about those that are numbered and underlined in red below.

Numbers 1 to 7 are about the world.

1: Learn about world capitals.
2: Learn about world flags.
3: Learn some world greetings.
4: Find out some world currencies.
5: Find out some representative world dishes.
6: Find out about world religions.
7: Find out country sizes.

Numbers 8 to 11 are about Japan.

8: Learn some difficult (unusual) kanji.
9: Find out the names of fruits and vegetables in Japanese.
10: Find out how big Japan is.
11: Learn about the different administrative divisions of Japan.

Of course, as well as these things there are number of other quizzes where amongst other things you can find out some important figures in Japanese history, or - for Japanese vocabulary practice - learn the names of flowers and musical instruments (in addition to the aforementioned fruits and vegetables).

Test format

In the test format, we tried the quiz about world capitals.
Choose and click on the matching country and its capital city.

When you make a mistake you'll see a crossbones mark. The icon for a correct answer is the black cat 'Nekopy' himself.
If you don't know an answer, click on the 'こたえ' (Answer) button.
If you want to try again, click on the button marked '再ちょうせん' that appears at the top of the screen after grading.

Game format

In the game format (one person study type), if you choose the correct answer you score points (and get a Nekopy icon), but for an incorrect answer you lose points (and get a crossbones mark).
Take a look at the image below. You can see that the score is on minus points.

Battle game

If you choose the battle game option, a box appears like the one in the screen below for the game players to enter their names.

'先攻' is for the person who will choose their answer first, and '後攻' is for the person who'll choose afterwards.
The 2 players answer in turn, and score points against each other.

This website lives up to its title, 'いろいろクイズ' (All Kinds of Quizzes)', and provides you with a chance to learn various things about Japan and the wide world in a fun way.

From the 怪盗ねこぴー (Kaitou Nekopy) top page, look for 'いろいろクイズ', click on it and you will be taken to this website.

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