This is a website that includes a number of games and flashcards you can use to practise hiragana and katakana. There are also a few exercises for learning kanji numbers and vocabulary. It's a good site for students who have finished learning the kana and want to test their knowledge.

  • There are games and flashcards for the readings of hiragana and katakana.
  • There are a variety of games, but the two main kinds either see you choose the correct reading from a selection of romaji, or type in the reading for the kana displayed.
  • You can practise using flashcards too.
  • There are flashcards for numbers written in kanji.
  • You can find out stroke orders for kanji.

How to...

These are the contents available at the moment.

As well as games and flashcards, there are also stroke-order animations.

Let's take a look at the 'Kana' games.

This is a game where you choose the correct reading from the romaji chart (Image 1).
46 characters are presented in groups of 5.
Having chosen the reading from the chart, check your answer (Image 2, X/O icon on the far left).
If you get it right, the ball enters the column on the right (Image 3).
If you want to see how the character is written, click on 'show stroke'.

This is a game where you practise typing in the correct readings.
Type in your answer, then if it's in romaji, convert it into kana. If you leave the answer in romaji and check if it is right or wrong, you'll be marked incorrect. If you make a mistake, a broken ball appears in the column to the left, and the kana you got wrong with returns to the list at the top of the screen (as shown in the image below), although you proceed to the next question.

Be sure to convert your typed answers to kana

Here's another game where you type in the readings.
In this game, you should type the answers in romaji.
You have to type in the answers as the kana fall from the top of the screen like snowflakes, and you can change the speed at which they fall by clicking on the + and - symbols where it says 'fall speed'.

Here you can review the kana you practise during games.
Go through the kana, entering romaji into the box provided. You don't need to press a button to check if your answer is correct or not - if it's right, you automatically proceed to the next question.
You can choose to review hiragana only, katakana only, or the full set of kana.

This is vocabulary practice.
Japanese vocabulary is displayed in romaji.
You should choose the correct (English) meaning.

This is the kanji-numbers practice.
For each kanji-number that appears, you should input the numerals into the box provided.
Again, you needn't press a button to check your answer - if it is correct you will automatically proceed to the next question.

When you want to return to the list of games and cards again,
please click on 'Japanese Language Learning Games', found underneath the site name at the top of the screen.

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