This is a website where you can look up words or phrases in various dictionaries. The 119 different volumes available include dictionaries of people's names and specialist terminology, as well as more typical collections. You can even look up news articles related to the words you search for.

  • Enter a word and the website automatically chooses a suitable dictionary to look it up for you. Sometimes multiple dictionaries will be displayed.

How to...

If you enter a keyword, explanations from various dictionaries will be shown.
Let's try typing in "ウイルス" and selecting the 'Word/Term search'.

You can combine Kotobank with free online tools such as POPjisyo (Introduction article) or Reading Tutor (Introduction article) to check the English translations at the same time, which is convenient.

Screenshot using POPjisyo

Screenshot using Reading Tutor

Search via dictionary

If the word you want to look up belongs to a particular field, or you know a specific dictionary to use, you can choose the dictionary you need from the '辞書全一覧' (List of dictionaries) section in the menu.
There are 9 categories available, including '辞書・百科事典' (Dictionary/Encyclopaedia), '現代用語' (Words of recent origin), 'ビジネス' (Business),'生活' (Daily life) and more.

Last update 2011.11.17