This site is a very useful navigation tool for increasing your knowledge about the katakana and kanji seen frequently on signs and flyers in Japan.

  • The site introduces katakana and kanji that you see in your daily life in Japan through pictures.
  • By reading the articles written in English, you can learn about Japanese society, culture, and daily life.
  • You can learn about Japanese society and culture through situations in daily life.

How to...

These are the article categories.

Let’s look at the “Kana Kanban” category.
The pictures posted on the site make it easy to see the katakana.

Next, below the picture, there is an article about the picture in English.

Let’s look at the “Kanji Kanban” category.

Just by looking at the pictures, it may be difficult for some people to figure out which parts are in Japanese. The writer writes out the characters for you and navigates people who want to know the meaning to use a tool like “Rikaichan”.
It’s also useful for those using Heisig’s “Remembering the Kanji” or “Kanji in Context” textbooks, thanks to the writer listing out where each kanji can be found.

Like it says, “Everyday, a new discovery,” the blog is updated nearly every day. The writer mixes humor with his viewpoints as a learner of Japanese living in Japan and as someone who’s living a daily life to write interesting to read articles.

The hints you’re looking for in studying Japanese or kanji could be hidden in the articles!

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