This is a site where you can watch videos showing kanji stroke order.

  • You can search from the kanji reading or from the number of strokes.
  • You can also learn the meanings of the kanji as well as the vocabulary words that use them.
  • Can be seen on iPhone, too.
  • You can also find the stroke order for hiranaga and katakana.

How to...

Click 'Stroke Order Movies' from the menu.

Choose from 'Classified by Pronunciation' to search using the kanji reading or from 'Classified by Number of Strokes' to search using character strokes.

Screen after choosing 'C' (both ON(Chinese reading) and KUN(Japanese reading)) under Classified by Pronunciation.

Let's take a look at 'chiisai'. You can expand the animated screen.

Screen after choosing '06' under Classified by Number of Strokes.

Click the kanji '会' to see the strokes begin.

If you click the small number beneath the kanji, you will see a card showing details of the kanji to help you learn how to read it and how to use it in vocabulary, in addition to the animated stroke order.

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