漢字化ツール (Kanji conversion tool)


A webtool that auto-converts hiragana to kanji. The tool judges from the flow and converts up to 80 hiragana into kanji that best fit the sentence.

  • Convert hiragana to kanji.
  • Convert up to 80 hiragana at once.
  • Smartphone compatible.

How to...

It's easy to use. Enter or paste your kana into the text window at the left of the screen.
The maximum number of characters you can enter at once is 80. Use the counter to help you keep track.

Next, click the "漢字に(to kanji)"button.

The window on the right will show the converted sentence with a mix of hiragana and kanji.

Smartphone screen

Proper nouns such as place names may not be converted correctly.
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There is also a "furigana conversion tool"(Introduction article) that converts hiragana to furigana.

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