With this site, you can narrow down your searches.
You can not only search the meaning of words, but also find ways to enhance your vocabulary.

  • Search JLPT level parts of speech and other situations.
  • Find plentiful hints for learners.

How to...

Click "All" on the left side of the window.
Pull down from "advanced search option documentation" to lead to Search Options.

You'll find a search tag list in the explanations below "Tags".
Specify this search tag to search for words and characters.
For example, if you want to search for a JLPT N3 level word, go to Word search tag and click "#jlpt-n3".

You can see a JLPT N3 word.

Here, you can add search conditions from the pulldown on the left side.

Add "Verbs" and you can see 599 words that include verbs up to the JLPT N3.

Words are filled with hints. You can find them in sentence examples, collocations, and other conjugations.
Take the word 「計る」 for example.
You can see samples and usages other than the actual meaning of the word.

A pop-up of the conjugation

Link to an example

You can also find information like on-yomi reading, kun-yomi reading, and animated stroke order on the kanji screen

You can search for hand-writing and radicals as well.
Here, you can paste sentences and full paragraphs to search for English and Japanese, and not just words.

There are many useful functions here. Please find the ones that work best for you.

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