"Real World" Japanese


With this site you can practise short conversations listening to them while you watch their animation videos.

  • You can choose a level of conversation that suits you.
  • Conversations are arranged by situation, and you can choose the scene you wish to study.
  • In the beginner and intermediate level conversations you can choose whether or not to display a script for the spoken Japanese.

How to...

First, choose one of the 3 categories: 'GENERAL', 'BUSINESS' or 'KIDS'.

As an example, let's choose 'GENERAL'.
38 different situations appear on the left-hand side. Choose the one you want to see.

Next, choose your level. Here, we'll choose 'Beginners'.

In order to make it more simple, one conversation is split into 2-4 short scenes that can be watched separately.
Please choose the scene you want to watch.
If you want to watch the whole conversation from beginning to end, choose 'ALL'.

You can also choose not to display text of the spoken Japanese.
This is a very useful feature for studying Japanese conversation alone.

These contents are part of Online Japanese -AJALT(Introduction article).

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