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Learn Japanese Phrases Lite

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What can you do?

  • You can study hiragana, katakana and kanji.
  • You can learn Important Beginner Words (greetings, weather, sizes, direction, food, time, color, etc.), Conversation Words, and slang.
  • You can save words you want to remember in the Study Bank.

How to...

This is the menu.

Let's look at the Study Cards. Tap "Study Cards" in the menu to move to the screen below.
The header displays "Study".

Here Study Cards are divided into flashcards. Aside from hiragana, katakana and kanji, you can study slang, phrases often used in conversation, and words you want to know (greetings, weather, sizes, direction, food, time, color, etc.).
You are looking at the Study Cards.

Hints are written for learning, pronunciation and stroke order of hiragana, katakana and kanji, their meanings (in English) and their sound and reading (in romaji).

Study Card menu (hiragana)

Hiragana list

Kanji list

The sound, reading (in romaji) and meaning (in English) are written for phrases.

Pressing the "お気に入りマーク" (the heart-shaped "Favorite Mark" on the bottom of the screen) saves phrases or words you want to learn into the Study Bank. Press @ and you can send these details in an email.





In a special location

Tapping something from lists of each set of content (kana, kanji, conversation) displays the card.
Here we tried tapping "い" from the kana contents.
Like in the following image, the reading for "い" is displayed, and the important writing points are written in English.

Lets try looking at Flashcards with the same content as these Study Cards.
Tapping the same kana "い" changes it into the following image.
The difference between the Study Cards from before is the fact that the reading isn't displayed, and there are no writing hints.
Learn with Study Cards, and try practicing readings with the Flashcards.

If you want to know the reading, tap the screen. That will make the card turn like in the following image and you can see the answer.

In Lessons, detailed explanations of hiragana, katakana, grammar, kanji and sayings are written, and you can also listen to the sound.

Lessons menu

About kanji

In Quiz you can take quizzes on phrases and words learned in Study Cards. When the quiz ends, a list of mistaken words are displayed and you can review those mistakes.

Quiz (kana)

The Study Bank saves Study Cards on which you have press the "お気に入りマーク" (the heart-shaped "Favorite Mark"). It is useful for quickly accessing words you do not know or cannot remember.

Study Bank

Romaji and sound enable/disable can be customized in Setting.


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