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Kanji Monster Defense

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What can you do ?

How to...

Use only the horizontal screen.
First enter your name and gender.

After you enter your information, a character will briefly explain the game.

The game will start.

Select the correct kanji to protect the princesses from the devils that keep coming to attack.
If you can protect at least one princess, you can move on to the next level.

Turn the speaker on to listen to the Japanese pronunciation when you tap the correct kanji.
If you find it difficult, click the "Hint" button. The answer will flash.
If you get the answer wrong, a buzzer will sound, so choose another one.

Once you stop the game, you will see the following screen the next time you start up.

「My Progress」… You can see your percentage of correct answers, number of kanji you have learned, and the number of times you used "Hint".
「Story Mode」… You can start your game.
「Level Select」… Of the 12 levels, only the Starter Level is free.
「Endless」… You can review the kanji you learned with Level Select. The speed will slowly increase and you'll be asked over and over again.
「My Word」… You can confirm your degree of achievement for each kanji you studied.
「About」… Turn the hiragana or speaker on/off, or reset the game from this screen.

When you clear a stage, results showing the amount of time it took you and the number of answers you got wrong will show.

It's easy to follow the game even if you're a kanji beginner, because you can start the kanji in the next level by seeing what they are in advance.
Now that's helpful.

You can pause or give up in the middle of a game. This allows you to work at your own pace.
By the time you clear the Starter Level, you will have naturally learned beginner level kanji.

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Kanji Monster Defense
Kwa Tran
Requires iOS 6.0 or later.Compatible with iPhone,iPad,and iPod touch.

Kanji Monster Defense


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