Yamasa Online Kanji Dictionary


This is an online kanji dictionary where you can look up entries in a variety of ways. You can check kanji reading, meaning, stroke order and so on.

  • You can look up kanji by their on-reading, kun-reading, meaning, radical, number of strokes etc.
  • Even if there are some kanji you don't understand in a newspaper article you're reading online, if you use the 'Kanji Link Generator' you can find out the meanings of those kanji just by clicking on them.
  • The explanations page is available in Chinese, Korean, Spanish and German as well as English. The dictionary is only available in Japanese and English, however.

The explanations page

These contents are part of The Yamasa Institute's website.
To go there from the top page, follow these instructions.

Click on 'Kanji Dictionary' on the bottom of the screen.

You'll be taken to the 'Online Kanji Dictionary' top screen.

Last update 2010.03.31