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  • Reading Tutor

    This is a reading support system for learners of Japanese, made up of several useful items, with a dictionary tool as the key component. Other items include a 'Toolbox', a 'Reading Resource Bank', 'Website Links', and a 'Grammar Quiz' section.

  • Kanji Koohii

    This site is designed as a supplementary tool for learners studying the kanji using James Heisig's "Remembering the Kanji" method. You can make flashcards to help you memorise the kanji.

  • かきかた print maker

    Use this site to make handouts to practice your kana, numbers, and other writing. Download the PDF file for printing and print it out to use.

  • memrise

    This is a site where you can enjoy learning via flashcards for free. It’s also a community style site with a registration system (SNS-type).


    This is an online English-Japanese/Japanese-English dictionary. The site's basic concept is 'just type in some Japanese or English and you'll be shown its meaning', so the instant you enter even a single character you'll be shown a group of words containing that character, plus their meanings.

  • HiNative

    This is a language learning Q&A site where you can ask and answer questions with native speakers of more than 170 countries.

  • Quizlet

    This is a website that offers free flashcards and study games. It's useful for language learning.

  • sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions

    This website presents a convenient collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Japan and the Japanese language.

  • POPjisyo

    This is a pop-up dictionary you can use when you want to read websites written in Japanese. You can look up words from the Japanese to either English or German.

  • Hiragana Megane

    Enter the URL of a Japanese website and you can have furigana attached to the kanji text of all pages.

  • Anki

    This is a flashcard tool to help you memorise vocabulary, grammar, or pretty much anything. You can manage your own review times with its spaced repetition system.


    This is a reading support tool which shows you how to read - and the meaning of - Japanese words that use kanji.

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