The World of NIHONGO eな

They're called the ‘AGENTS’ (eジェント)

They’re the funny little characters you’ll find popping up all over the NIHONGO eな site.


They’re known as the eな ‘Agents’ (eジェント).

The eジェントtake their orders from the Information Station, then fly all over the world, tirelessly throughout day and night in search of websites and online tools that would be ‘interesting’, ‘useful’, ‘convenient’, and ‘cool’ for people learning Japanese.

If the eジェント find something that makes them say “e! Kore” (this is great!), a website or tool that really shines out from the crowd, they bundle the information up into the shape of a star to carry back to the Information Station.

The stars you sometimes see the eジェント holding or throwing to each other are little packages of information about these precious sites.

In the “e! Kore” section, we’ve collected lots of ideas and information about how to get the most out of these websites and tools!

“e! Kore” is actually a bit of a play on words, with the ‘e!’ meaning both ‘internet-based’ and ‘いい’ (as in the Japanese for ‘good’). ‘コレ’ in Japanese is used to mean both ‘this’, and as an abbreviation of ‘コレクション’ (collection).

Would you like to help us on our quest?

If you find a website or online tool that makes you think “e! Kore!”, and if you have a good idea for how to use it to help you study, please contact the eなInformation station.

You too can become an honorary eジェント!