We tried loads of websites, online tools and ideas for Japanese learners - here are the ones that made us think 'e! kore' (this is great!)

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Learning and Teaching Japanese

The basics of Japanese are carefully explained here, making it a very useful site for people who are thinking about starting to learn Japanese, or for Japanese learners who have just begun their studies.

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e! Kore

I have a friend who will be coming to Japan for the first time soon. They asked me if there were any good Japanese websites they should look at before they come here. Do you have any recommendations?

We have just the article for you. It’s called “Survival Japanese for travellers to Japan!“. Here we show you all kinds of websites introducing things like basic Japanese greetings, expressions accompanied by illustrations of sushi toppings and so on. Please check if there are any your friend might find useful, then let them know!

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