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This is the website of Japan's National Tourism Organization. Here you can find lots of information related to Japan and Japanese culture alongside illustrations.

  • Aspects of Japanese culture, such as 'Traditional Culture', 'Festivals' and 'Japanese Inns' are introduced with finely detailed illustrations.
  • The abundance of illustrations, makes it really fun to read each article.

How to...

For example, if you want to find out about castles, click on
'Castles' and you'll find a detailed explanation along with illustrations.

Look at this site to get some background before a trip to an actual castle and we're sure it'll make your visit even more interesting.

These contents are part of the Japan National Tourism Organization.
To get to these contents from the top page, follow these instructions.

From 'Cultural Quintessence' in the 'JAPAN IN-DEPTH' menu, click "See Japan by Illustration".

You'll find various topics such as architecture, gardens, castles and so on, all explained with easy-to-understand text and illustrations.

Last update 2013.05.07