Online Nihongo

This is a site where you can learn how to read (pronounce) and write the kana. Check your knowledge of hiragana and katakana through a number of quizzes.

  • You can watch animations to find out how hiragana/katakana are written, and you can hear audio too.
  • There are 3 kinds of quizzes. Depending on which quiz you choose, you listen to audio of the kana's pronunciation first, then either choose the correct notation for what you haer (2 levels - monosyllables/longer words) or select the kana that is written correctly from a choice you are given.
  • The site is easy to use, and has a cute design.

How to...

Writing order

Choose a kana character from the syllabary chart, then press the PLAY button to find out how to write your chosen character. Click on the speaker button and you can hear how to pronounce it.


There are 3 types of quiz. As the quizzes are designed to focus on only one line of kana at once (i.e. あ-line), you can progress with your studies one step at a time, focussing your attention on practising a particular line that causes you problems.

In Quiz 1, you listen to audio (a spoken monosyllable), then choose the single kana that matches the pronunciation you hear.

In Quiz 2, you listen to audio (a spoken monosyllable), then choose the kana that is written correctly.

In Quiz 3, you listen to audio (a spoken word), then select the correct kana that make up the word, and drag and drop the characters into the squares provided. If you don't know what the word you hear means, move the mouse cursor over where it says 'meaning', and the meaning will be displayed in English.

Last update 2010.06.29