This is a useful web magazine for foreigners who want to know about Japan. The reports are by writers who actually go to the sites and write about what they experienced.

  • The site introduces Japanese cooking, alcohol, tools, art projects, buildings and more from all over Japan, including rare things.
  • The languages available other than Japanese and English are Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.
  • “やさしい日本語” lets you put furigana over all the kanji.
  • You can not only practice your reading skills, but also learn about the real Japan.

How to...

This is the menu. You can search for the topic you want to know about.

Also, you can search by keywords (tags).

The display languages include English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.
For Japanese, by selecting “やさしい日本語”, all kanji will have furigana added to them.

Language Selection


やさしい日本語 (Simple Japanese)


Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)





In the pictures above, the page looks different depending on the language.

You can save pictures as well as link them.

At the end of the articles, there are related articles as well as other interesting articles linked.

They have a Facebook page, so by pressing “Like”, you can receive info on their latest posts.

This site was introduced on our eな Information Station.

Last update 2014.05.29