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what can you do?

How to...

This is the menu.

The phrases you can practice for free are in the red box.

Selecting in Japanese.

Selecting in English

You can view details for each phrase. For example, “ありがとう”.
The kana, romaji, and English are all listed, and you can listen to an audio clip.

Let’s look at the flashcards, called “Nemo Cards”.
From the menu on the top right, you can select the words you would like to practice.

When you tap on the check mark on the top right, you can configure the settings for the flashcards. You can turn on or off the display of kana, romaji, kanji and English as well as starting from the audio, audio and text, etc.

Practice from romaji and audio

Practice from English with audio

In “Speech Studio”, you can record your own pronunciation.

The audio is played back in the “Native (Teacher) > Your Pronunciation > Native (Teacher) order, so you can compare them and master the correct pronunciation.

From the top screen, at the bottom, there are search, index, and settings functions.

In search, you can search for words, in the index, phrases and words are in alphabet or kana order.

Kana order

Alphabet order

In the settings, you can shuffle the cards, and there are settings for the audio and Japanese display.

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