Learn kana with this app by listening, writing, and playing games!

Hiragana Memorizer

  • Beginner

Can do

  • Learn hiragana in a fun way through games and quizzes.
  • Learn the stroke orders by watching animation.
  • Trace the letters to practice writing.
  • Check the pronunciation.
  • It's very easy to use.
  • It works offline, too.

How to...

This is the top screen.

Press the book-shaped icon on the top screen to open the Japanese syllabary chart.

Try it out by pressing 'あ'. You will hear the pronunciation for 'あ' and see an animated stroke order.

Press the part in the blue box on the left to hear the sound and see the stroke order again.
Press the part in the blue box on the right to just hear the sound again.

Press the pencil icon to practice by tracing the hiragana. Press the eraser icon to erase what you wrote, so you can practice over and over again until you learn the letter.

Press 'START QUIZ' to show the Japanese syllabary.

Choose 'ALL' and press 'START' to show a random quiz from the syllabary.

Choose an answer. Your number of correct (✔️) or mistaken (❌) answers will be displayed in the blue frame at the top right.
Press the HOME icon at the top left to return to the top screen.

Next, press the icon shown in the blue box to start a new game to learn hiragana.

You'll see meteorites flying towards the face above the hiragana.

If you don't answer before a meteorite hits the face, it's game over and your score will be displayed.

Next, press the icon shown in the blue box to start a different game to learn hiragana.

To clear, you need to answer the questions before the orange lava coming up from below reaches the top.

Now, press 'PLAY' and give it a try.

Press the hiragana on the screen to hear the reading.
If you don't answer in time, your score will show and the game will end.

It's a very simple game to learn hiragana in a fun way that won't take long!

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