Kiki's Kanji Dictionary

You can look up kanji via list organised by radical. The site also has a Google search function.

  • There are 3,401 kanji and 19,366 kanji compound entries.
  • You can look up a kanji's meaning, plus words that include that kanji in them.
  • You can search via kanji radical.

How to...

There are no menu buttons, instead there are links attached to words and phrases (in bold) in the main text explaining how to use the site.
There is a list of kanji arranged by radical on the left of the screen, so you can choose and click on the one you want to look up.

For example, click on '作' from the kanji found under radical number 9 - 人 person - and you'll be shown the reading and meaning of '作', along with vocabulary including that kanji.

For detailed instructions on how to use the site, please see the explanation on its top page.

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