On this website, you can learn beginner level Japanese grammar and basic Japanese vocabulary in English, through podcasts that come with transcripts.

  • Listen and learn about Japanese vocabulary, grammar, context, speech style, and more, in English.
  • The podcasts come with transcripts.
  • The episodes (around 20 minutes long) build on pattern recognition and understanding, to help beginners learn smoothly, step-by-step.
  • There are "Exercises Only" podcasts for practice, too.

How to...

Currently (as of August 25, 2022), there are 18 episodes.
The program offers cumulative learning, so you build on your ability, beginning with Episode 1.
Once you listen and get to the end of the script, it is designed to take you to the next episode.

Each episode is about 20 minutes long, with a section called "Tip Of The Day" part way through, to give you a break as well.

The episodes have two podcasts; Full Audio Episode and Exercises Only.
The transcripts are convenient.

You can also download them.

Click on the three dots next to the volume icon.

Click the volume icon, if you'd like to raise the volume.

The Full Audio Episode begins with vocabulary.
Rather than simply giving the translation, it helps you to think about the meaning through context.

The situations are carefully explained in English, making them easy to understand.
You might find that you've naturally learned speech styles, particles, present and past verb tenses, and more, as you gradually expand on the same words and sentences.

You'll find it even easier, if you stop what you're doing and concentrate on listening.

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