Wanna Use Japanese!


This is a site where you can practice your reading, writing, and listening skills in the Japanese that is part of your daily life in Japan.

  • The site offers English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), and Korean.
  • You can study daily Japanese by type of skill.
  • The Wanna Speak! content is still under construction.
  • The site is smartphone compatible.

How to...

This is the menu.

Wanna Speak! is still under construction.

The usage of all of the content is standardized.
Here is an example of the content in Wanna Use Japanese!

You can choose the situation you want to use it in.

Each situation has subcategories.

The goal and setting are explained in each one.
If the Japanese is difficult for you, the content is offered in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean too, so you can change the language setting to make sure you understand.
Skills are provided to help you achieve your goal.

Each skill comes with a more detailed explanation to help you practice that skill.

Example of a Wanna Read skill.

Scenes and situations for Wanna Write!

In Wanna Write, you actually enter the romaji and choose the correct kanji conversion.
You can practice your everyday skills.

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