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This site is designed to support Japanese language education for non-Japanese children living in Japan and provides information on resources such as teaching materials that can be used in on-site instruction.

  • Worksheets can be printed out to practice hiragana/kanji, conversation, and composition.
  • Children can learn the words and expressions that Japanese elementary and junior high school students learn at school.
  • Lots of illustrations and photographs are used.
  • There are printouts for practice and to check the child's understanding of vocabulary, kanji, and expressions learned.
  • They're easy to use and don't take much time to download.
  • The site and printouts are all in Japanese only, except for the kanji printouts that come with Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and English translations.

How to...

These are the contents.

There is a table of contents for each set of teaching materials.

Table of contents for Kana Workbook [Topic]

Check the contents and then download.

Classroom language

It's good practice for reading kana, too.
It's also a useful handout to remember words used at school and in the classroom.

Kana writing practice

In addition to characters and vocabulary, there are also handouts with useful topics such as numbers, and words for injuries.

This is an exercise to guess the kana by looking at only part of the character.
This kind of practice is rare, but it's useful for character recognition.

Kanji workbook, Korean version

"About me" notebook

The composition section comes with examples that can be used for reading comprehension.
Following the examples, there are "fill-in-the-blanks" notebook pages.
It is designed for children but can be useful for beginner learners as well.

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