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This is a site that offers many worksheets designed by licensed practicing psychiatrists for non-Japanese school children to learn Japanese for free.
The worksheets and tools can be printed out.

  • Students can learn to recognize katakana shapes by tracing them with their finger or a piece of string. Printable kana charts and cards are also good for practice.
  • Games, cards, and other tools can be printed as well as the worksheets for writing on.
  • Students can learn vocabulary (nouns, verbs, adjectives, onomatopoeia, etc.) and sentences.
  • There are printable worksheets that are useful for conversations in everyday situations such as maps for asking directions, colors, and vocabulary to express feelings.
  • Credits are shown on the printouts, making them available for free.
  • This site is in Japanese only.

How to…

The contents are divided into four sections: 導入 (Acquisition of hiragana/katakana skills), 知識・文法の問題 (Knowledge and grammar questions), ソーシャルスキル・コミュニケーション (Social skills and communication), and お助け教材 (teaching materials for extra support).

The contents are also listed on the left side of the screen.

The site is designed for non-Japanese school children studying in Japanese schools but there are many useful worksheets for beginner-level learners of Japanese (other than school children), so please use them to suit your purpose.

Practicing proper usage of お and を.

動詞(つなぎ)(Verbs - connect the words) Worksheet drawing lines to connect nouns with verbs.

形容詞(つなぎ)(Adjectives - connect the word and picture) Worksheet drawing lines to connect adjectives with pictures.

Worksheet useful when asking for directions.

We've shown you a number of printable worksheets.
The site is filled with hints and ideas to lessen the work load and make understanding easier.
Find the worksheets that you can make use of in your own Japanese studies (vocabulary and sentence practice) and give them a try!

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