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When you're writing sentences, do you ever feel like you want to use sophisticated words but you're not confident about how to use them?Yourei.jp is a search engine that searches for a great number of example sentences that use a particular word.

  • Simply enter a keyword in the search box to show example sentences.
  • In addition to example sentences, you can also search for four-letter idioms to try (使ってみたい四字熟語!), or words that are easily misread (読み間違えしやすい言葉), in the tabs under 用例.jp 知っておきたい言葉 (Yourei.jp Words to remember)
  • Under 用例.jp ツール (Yourei.JP Tool), you'll find an automatic converter to rewrite sentences written in old-fashioned Japanese to modern Japanese. (「旧字 → 新字」文の自動変換器)

How to...

Yourei.jp is also introduced on the National Diet Library page RESEARCH NAVI.

Search example sentences

Let's begin by searching for example sentences.
Look up the word ややこしい (complicated), also used in a Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 sample question.

Type ややこしい in the search box at the top right-hand corner of the page.

The search returned 976 example sentences.

At the top, you can see short, frequently used phrases that include ややこしい.

We can see that ややこしいこと(complicated matter) is used 20% of the time.

If you click on ややこしいこと, you'll see only sentences that contain that phrase.

It's useful that synonyms for ややこしい are also listed.

At the upper right of the screen, you can also see various uses under ややこしいの使われ方 (How ややこしい is used).

Now let's take a look at some example sentences.
There are also some quotes from Haruki Murakami's books.
Click on an example sentence to see a longer quote including before and after that sentence, making it easier to understand the context.

Click on a book title to take you to another site (shopping site) where you can find information about the book you quoted from.

Yourei.jp Words to remember

Four-character idioms and words that are easily misread can be difficult to use properly.
Click on 使ってみたい四字熟語!(Four-character idioms to try) and 読み間違えしやすい言葉 (Words that are easily misread) to show all sorts of examples.

Each time you open your browser, you will see something different.
Of course you can use the search box to look up words, but if you see a word that interests you, click the example to get an immediate response.

Yourei.jp  Tool

Japanese sentences written before 1949 often use old characters that are different from modern kanji and are hard to read.The 用例.jp ツール (Yourei.jp Tool) is a convenient tool that converts the old-fashioned characters to modern kanji.

Use Yourei.jp to learn words that are a little more difficult to make richer Japanese expressions your own.

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