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This website was designed to help you make use of Japanese language program "ひきだすにほんご - Activate Your Japanese!" (co-produced by the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute and NHK  Educational Corporation).
Japanese language learners who want to live and work in Japan can enjoy acquiring strategies to maximize their Japanese language skills while watching videos.

  • There are three segments, Communication Strategies, Onomatopoeia, and Welcome to My Japan!, where you can meet sempai who are already active all over Japan.
  • The videos have subtitles in Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Latin American Spanish, and Indonesian. You can also choose to not have subtitles.
  • Related contents, including program listings, scripts, and vocabulary database can be downloaded free of charge.
  • This site has a smartphone version, too.

How to...

The show has three segments.
・Xuan Tackles Japan - 9 minutes x 24 episodes
・Onomatopoeia -Share Feelings-  About 1 minute x 24 episodes
・Welcome to My Japan! About 5 minutes x 24 episodes
You will enjoy every segment!

Let us tell you a bit about the three segments.

Xuan Tackles Japan!/スアン日本へ行く!

Xuan, a Vietnamese who has been assigned to work at a Japanese hotel finds herself in big trouble when she can't speak as well as she thought she would be able to, after first arriving.
The main character guides Xuan through her predicament.
As the drama follows Xuan's development, you'll learn many strategies for successful communication. Enjoy watching your Japanese and communication skills improve as the story unfolds.

Onomatopoeia -Share Feelings-/気持ちが伝わるオノマトペ

This is a tiny segment with colorful animation and short skits introducing onomatopoeia that express feelings and sensations, such as "wakuwaku" (to show excitement) and "sukkiri" (a sense of refreshment).
Onomatopoeia makes chatting a lot more fun.

Welcome to My Japan!/津々浦々 日本のセンパイ

This segment introduces people from other countries who have already made Japan their home.
What kind of work do they do? What's their favorite Japanese word or phrase?
What is their town famous for? Savor the charms of places all over Japan and find hints to enhance your life in Japan. Most importantly, your "senpai" can help you because they have lived here and know about the culture. They will give you courage.

Zeba-san, a three-year resident from the US, with neighbors.

  • You can select subtitles from the upper-right corner of the screen (CC in the lower right corner for smartphones).
  • Subtitles cannot be displayed on the Onomatopoeia videos.
  • During the video, you can jump to another scene by clicking Chapter at the bottom of the screen to show the list of chapters.

Downloadable Contents.

Program contents, scripts, vocabulary databases, and other useful learning materials can be downloaded from Downloadable Contents.

Full scripts and vocabulary databases are in Excel.

Enjoy the videos, learn communication strategies, and find out about Japanese culture and society!

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