凸凹小学校 ゲームで勉強しよう(DekoBoko Elementary School - Learn through games!)

This website is aimed at Japanese elementary school students, but the kanji, hiragana and katakana games found in the KOKUGO (Japanese language) section are good practice for foreign learners of Japanese too.

  • This website aimed at Japanese elementary schoolchildren has tons of games. School subjects covered include Japanese-language, maths, science, social studies, music and manual arts.
  • Those studying Japanese can try the Japanese kanji games (radicals, left/right sides of kanji, producing vocabulary), hiragana and katakana games.
  • The SHAKAI (social studies) section's Japanese prefecture names game is also interesting.

How to...

To find the contents you want, either look through the pull-down menu at the top
or search via the menu in the lower part of the screen.

Although this is a site for children whose native language is Japanese, people studying Japanese can also learn kanji, vocabulary and about the geography of Japan through the contents of the KOKUGO and SHAKAI sections.

The two screenshots above show the KANA games. You can listen to audio here too.

Next, we come to the KANJI.
There are various games available to practise your kanji.

We think games such as "HEN/TSUKURI" (left/right sides of the kanji) will challenge even advanced learners of Japanese.
Go ahead and try out your skills!

This is the screen for the SHAKAI game, "日本の県の名前をおぼえよう" (Let's learn prefectures of Japan)
How many can you get? Do you know them all?

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