英辞郎(EIJIRO) on the WEB

This is an online English to Japanese, Japanese to English dictionary. It has lots of new vocabulary and specialist vocabulary, and there are plenty of example sentences too.

  • You can search for both English-Japanese and Japanese-English at the same time using the same input box.
  • Enter a company or a group's name and if there is a homepage for that organisation, the URL will be displayed.

How to...

How to use the convenient 'AND search' function

Enter both a Japanese word and an English word, and you'll be shown example expressions that include that Japanese word and English translations that include the English term you entered.

We'll look up '運動' (undou/exercise or movement), alongside the word 'campaign'.

We are shown examples that include both the word '運動' in the Japanese, and the English word 'campaign' in the translation.

How to add furigana readings to the kanji

When you search from English to Japanese, you can add readings for the kanji that appear in the Japanese explanation.

Click on '検索設定' button above the search box and you will be taken to the 環境設定のページ (functions settings page).

On the options, set '読みがな' (Kanji Readings) so that '表示' (ON) is checked.
Click on the button marked '変更を保存する' (Save Changes).

Now, readings will be shown for the kanji which appear in the Japanese explanations.

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